Androlean and ???? stack options?

  1. Androlean and ???? stack options?

    Want to stack something with it to keep LBM going up. I have a bottle of Turinabol LV and Superdron LV still chillin, and wouldn't mind using either of them this fall, but don't have to. Suggestions welcome

  2. Sorry to jump in just want to see people's ideas

  3. What's the goal of the cycle?
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  4. tbol or superdrone would easily help with LBM. For non-methlated options Androhard is an easy suggestion.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    What's the goal of the cycle?
    To Cut. But gaining strength would be great. Calories dropped, with more cardio included. Carbs will be lower, but not super low until the final week.
    Thought about doing a fura clone at 350mg/day. I have had success with it before.

  6. You can do a moderate dose of the Turinabol LV in conjunction with the AL for a nice cut stack.
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