Creatine and Androhard

  1. Creatine and Androhard

    From everything I've read thus far on the different threads, Creatine should be used (saved) during the PCT. I have about 3 weeks before I begin a basic AH cycle for 4-5 weeks. If I had to guess Im around 20% body fat. Im currently 220lbs looking to get to a hard 200lbs solid. I suspect it will probably take a couple of cycles of AH and/or AH/AL for me to achieve my goals. I recently took a couple of months off since around mid June. So the plan is to use the next 3 weeks (Ive been back in the gym 10 days already) to get back to where I was (208lbs-212lbs) in June, then see how my body reacts to a solo run of AH. Unfortunately, Im at the mercy of a military dining facility, so eating "absolutely" clean all the time is hit and miss. I intend on using the following supps:

    AH: (as suggested) 3 pills am, 3 pills pm, 6-8 hours apart - 4-5 weeks
    Prework: (No Stims) Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey: One serving
    Post Workout: Monster Mass (1 serving)
    (possibly) MRI's Creatine and NO2

    Support Supps:
    Optimum Nutrition Multi (Opti-men)
    Omega 3-6-9
    Cycle assist
    Celery Seed Extract (Natural Factors)
    Glucosomine/Chondrotrin Sulfate

    PCT: 4-5 weeks
    TRS + TCF-1
    Cycle Assist

    As you can see its nothing fancy. I havent touched a Prohormone since the late 90's. Ive had issues w/ my BP and recently have finally been able to get it under control (130/85). My goal there is to get it to around 125/80. Im a military contractor, and head home on vacation in November. My PCT will end a few days before I fly home. After I get back from vacation I'll have 5 months til my next vacation, and if all goes well I will probably have time to do a AM/AH cycle followed by a AH/AL cycle. I will probably log it all on here during that time. Anyway, anyone willing to chime in is more than welcome.

  2. I noticed a drop in blood pressure while taking Androhard version1, so hopefully you notice that during your run. Also Androhard we'll work better when you get around 15% bf, but if you want to get within striking distance of it with the help of Androhard, that'd be fine imo. Also consider running Androhard longer than 5 weeks. It's mildly suppressive and some are using it up to 16 weeks, mostly to get rid of gyno. But for your situation I think you could definatly benefit to run it longer than 5 weeks. Maybe 8 or 10 weeks??
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  3. Awesome info thanks. In reference to PCT, do you suggest an equal amount of time on PCT as your Cycle? If so, I might wait til early December to get everything started. I only have 11 weeks from today (28 Aug) before I head home on vacation....I guess I could get my self in pretty good shape, go home for 2 weeks, hit the gym while Im home, then come back and get started. My only concern there is that I'll probably consume some alcohol while Im home. I guess if I keep it moderate my liver should be okay by the time I get back. What do you think?

    BTW - (with the 2 for 1 sale at PP) I bought a $hit load of AH/AL (4/2) and I have (2) boxes of AM coming, lol!! To include plenty of PCT products to boot!! So I hope all the hype is worth it!!

  4. have you seen the logs???? Andro Series are legit
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