Extend AM/AH cycle to 10 weeks?

  1. Question Extend AM/AH cycle to 10 weeks?

    Hey guys - first timer here.... 42, 6' 180 lbs about 12% bf, hardgainer looking to put on some mass and add strength. Diet is good, training 5x a week.

    I'm 5 weeks into a 6 week cycle of AM/AH (2 of each twice a day). So far I've put on 8lbs of muscle and no fat. Lifts are going up too - not gangbusters but noticeable - pretty happy with that. I feel like I'm just getting into the zone and was thinking about extending another 4 weeks and going to 3 caps of AM/AH twice a day.

    Any advice? Thanks!

  2. how is your cycle going?

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