Well I am at the beginning of my third week of a six week cycle with AH and AM. I thought now would be a good to write down some of my thoughts/review thus far. I used the new version of AH a few months ago and loved it so I threw it in this cycle as well. I am running AM for six weeks and AH for only four. So it looks something like this:

AH: 0/0/6/6/6/6 caps per day
AM: 6/6/9/9/9/9 caps per day

So basically I started the AH today so at this point in the cycle I can only comment of the AM. SO far so good. I am up 8lbs in two weeks, however I think that some of that is due to water weight. My bench has gone up 20lbs along with significant gains in all other major lifts.

As for dosing, this morning I took three AM caps and Three AH caps and got bad nausea so I spread the dosages out more through out the day. So here is what my revised dosing timing will look like:

8:00 am--> 2 caps AH, 2 caps AM
11:00 am--> 3 caps AM
1:30 pm --> 2 caps AM, 2 caps AH (pre-workout)
3:00 pm --> 2 caps AM, 2 caps AH (post-workout)

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading.