andromass and test cyp together?

  1. andromass and test cyp together?

    So If I run test cyp together with a oral kicker and run andromass as a finisher, how should I run andromass? The last 8 weeks at the suggested dose 6 caps, or the last six weeks at 8 caps?

    BBG answered me on another forum just hoping for more opinions, not that his isnt good, he just said run at the end but no sugessted doesing. Goals as the finisher is to keep gaining mass, yes I know its diet dependent I have that covered

  2. id only do it to jump start your cycle. also, you might wanna do a semi lower dose of test C whileyour on it then blast when you are coming off.

  3. well my test starts at 400 han goes to 500 in the last 6 weeks. So your thinking that my kicker should be
    DZine 1-6
    m lmg 1-7
    Androhard 1-8
    Andromass 1-8
    test 4001-6
    test 500 1-12

    wouldnt it make more sense to start at or even 3 so that after my oral it will be fully kicked in and help retain agains and maybe push beyond?

  4. Id do this: Test 1-6 @ 400
    Test 7-12 @500
    M LMG 1-7
    Androhard 7-12.

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