Epistane + Andro lean and Blood Pressure

  1. Epistane + Andro lean and Blood Pressure

    I'm currently doing an Epistane (40mg./day) + Andro Lean cycle. I'm also doing an hour of fasting eliptical every morning + a "metabolic" workout each week in addition to my weight training.

    My blood pressure--and I do have a tendency toward high blood pressure--is running ~ 132-135/68-73, resting pulse ~ 55-60.

    So, everything looks good except the systolic reading. I have available to me Avalide (150/12.5 mg) tablets for blood pressure. I'm considering taking 1/2 tablet/day to control the systolic reading. However, I'm afraid that it will also lower the diastolic reading and cause me to have those not-so-fun light headed feeling like your gonna pass out rushes.

    My question is, will the Avalide just lower the excessively high reading, or both? Is there something else that would be better to bring down that systolic number a bit. I'd like to get the systolic down to no more that 125, and lower if possible.



  2. Avalide decreases both systolic and diastolic numbers so you might want to be careful. take it for about two days then take your bp again and report the readings. also, try not to take it with the supps you are taking. drink alot of water and avoid salts.
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  3. I also have 50 mg. hydrochlorothiazide tablets that I could cut in half; I wonder if this might not be a better choice?


  4. wait, you have both? Avalide, if i remember right, is a combo of two drugs, hydrochlorothiazide and irbesartan. im only in nursing school, so i dont know alot about all drug interactions quite yet, but maybe your doc wanted more of the hydro and thats why he put u on both. i would consult ur doc and tell him what PHs you are taking. hes going to lecture you, but if you tell him that u are going to take it anyways, just tell me how to dose the scripts, he might be willing to help you.
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  5. Your numbers are still in the pretty good range, elevated but certainly not to a dangerous point. If you're worried about it you could go a natural route and use hawthorn berries/grape seed extract as a means to lower BP. This would likely take a little longer to kick in, but probably would be better than using medication that could tank your diastolic.

    I think if you hit 140 or you're worried then you should definitely have a conversation w your doctor.



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