1. AndroHard

    how much size can one expect from androhard. im looking for a little bulk. androhard has caught my eyes. anyone try this and gain size or is it mostly just for a kind of cutting recomp cycle.

  2. I can see it being used for some size. I was on a recomp and I lost about 1lb but gained strength around the board and I was able to cut off some fat.
    I would say on a lean bulk you could gain about a lb a week as long as you kept the diet strict and had a solid workout plan that works for you.
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  3. yeah, prob about a pound a week. sorry, at first i thought u said andromass
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  4. How many lbs from Andromass

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    How many lbs from Andromass
    There is no way to give a definitive answer to this as there are a myriad of factors that play into this. However, the average we are seeing is 8-10lbs.
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