Strange texture/color sustain alpha.

  1. Strange texture/color sustain alpha.

    I finished my first bottle of sustain alpha, which was good. I just received my second bottle and it has a weird color at the bottom. Its a darker color at the bottom 3rd of the bottle. It doesn't come out consistent either, it comes out kind of more liquid and stringy unlike the first one I did. Is this normal? it runs rather than the usual creamy application.

  2. Liqui vade or topical? Either case shake it up real well see if it homogenizes.

  3. Topical, is it shakable? The contents seem pressurized in there, I'll take a pic.

  4. Forget the pic, I'll never understand how to reduce the size of a pic. I took the pic from a cell and a digital camera and both are too big. 800x800 is what they require here and I can;t do it.

  5. Yea it's shakeable. I had some dermatherm target that separated and I shook it up real good and it all went back into solution.

  6. Turn the bottle upside down and let it sit, then shake it before application, its still good


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