Ph expiration dates?

  1. Question Ph expiration dates?

    When PH's in general are past the expiration date do they simply lose potency? As in degradation?
    Or do they become hazardous to use? <----- lol cliche right?

    The reason I ask is because:
    Pp 1t-T (expires 8/11)
    Ibe Epi (expired 11/10)
    Appnut the 1 (expired 2/11)

    Intentions were obviously never to let these expire.
    I've yet to ever use a ph.
    Have been taking my time focusing on getting and keeping my diet in order, as well as proper training habits (consistency - for a while there I'd fall off or puts for 3 weeks or so.)
    Anyways my point was simply I seen areas I needed to improve on first before giving ph's a go.

    My question is will any of these still be good to go for use in a early winter bulk (clean) (as well as being the first hormone used)

    I definately wanted to try the 1t-T, but am unsure because of slight adolescent gyno.
    Anyways before I go any further I guess I should get those questions I inquired about answered.


  2. where have they been stored? in a hot place or a cool, dry place?
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  3. They were kept in a closet of a room that wasn't much frequented. The room stayed cool and dry for the most part. They always stayed in the dark. I noticed slight seperation as far as the 1t.T was concerned I gently shook the bottle and it mixed back in?

    I guess with lack of responses I really should have posted this in the horomones subforum.


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