AH/AL + Intermittent Fasting - Dosage Timing?

  1. AH/AL + Intermittent Fasting - Dosage Timing?

    Hi All,

    My order of AH/AL should be arriving today (exciting times, thanks rodja). This will be my first "pro-hormone" cycle, and my goal is strength increase during recomp with slight weight loss (currently at ~193/19%, looking to be 180-185/12-15%)

    I've also been dabbling in Intermittent Fasting, as this is a comfortable eating pattern for me and (judging from some accounts) seems to work very well for the goals I've stated above.

    I've only got one bottle of each and I want to make them last as long as possible, but I've also read that the most effective dose is 6 per day.

    So here's the question: with IF most of the eating/muscle-building/recovery is happening in the evening and during sleep, so does it make sense to dose in such a way as to maximize blood DHT/Test during this time period? Or does it make sense to target the fasted portion to prevent catabolism? Or perhaps one with the AH (fed) and the other with the AL (fasted)? And if that is the case, could I drop to 5 a day by skipping one cap during the non-optimal hours, thusly doing a 34 day run instead of 28?

    With a 6 hour half-life, there's naturally going to be portions of the 24-hour period where levels are low - any thoughts about when that should be?

    Side note: I am on the fence about keeping a log, because I am still doing a lot of experimentation in terms of diet and exercise. At the very least I'll try to post a review with some before/after stats, though.

  2. Just received them! These bottles are huge, by the way.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Flabby View Post
    Just received them! These bottles are huge, by the way.
    Good Luck with the cycle bro. Im currently doing my first cycle with AH/AL as well. I just posted my log for day eleven.

    Please check it out it may help you out with what to expect and whats to come. I think you will love this cycle (IMO of course).

    4wk Androhard/Androlean 4wkPCT log

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