ANDROMass + Methyl 1-D Stack + Erase Stack?

  1. ANDROMass + Methyl 1-D Stack + Erase Stack?

    Just picked up a bottle of ANDROMass and was planning to stack it with what I already have on hand, namely Methyl 1-D and Erase. Was not all that impressed with a cycle of Methyl 1-D x 6 + Erase x 3 on a steady diet of front squats, push presses and conventional deads. Felt as I felt I could have hit the 1RM numbers that I put up so far without any supplements outside of protein and creatine (based on past experience, I am still about 20% under my PRs). That said, would you guys recommend running a cycle with a daily of ANDROMass x 6 + Methyl 1-D x 6 + Erase x 3? Or ANDROMass x 6 + Methyl 1-D x 3 + Erase x 3? PCT will consist of Formadrol Extreme x 3 + Erase x 3. Will also be taking some lightweight liver support in the form of NOW Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator throughout the the PH and PCT cycles...

  2. Not sure why I ask these questions when I already know the answer...I suppose I am just excited to try a new stack and am looking for an affirmation from someone other than myself. Answer to myself: Go max and dial down if issues are noted ...

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