Androhard safe for PCT?

  1. Androhard safe for PCT?

    Please don't flame. I'm coming off of SD, have my torem, erase, and milk thistle ON HAND, and just want to add something to the mix for the end of PCT. I don't plan on running any PH/DS for a good 4-5 months, but I'd like to try AH sometime soon.

    Should I wait until after PCT to run AH? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


  2. AH is suppressive.. pct is for regaining your equilibrium.. wait for that to happen before you jump on

  3. Thanks man I'll definitely hold off for at least a couple months.

  4. Yes hold off, however in the future you could certainly run SD for 4 weeks and then end your cycle with AH to help solidify gains.

    weeks 1-4 SD
    weeks 3-6 AH
    weeks 6-on PCT

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