Too fat for Androlean?

  1. Too fat for Androlean?

    Hey gang, a quick question:

    I've been trying to drop some lbs while balancing school and work and exercising. Last year I dropped 30 lbs down to 225ish, but over this current semester I've only been able to drop about 5 lbs, mostly with the help of AT2/erase. I'm sitting at roughly 20% body fat, and working out 2-3 times a week. I'd work out more if I got more sleep, but working nights is a killer.

    As soon as school ends in mid-May, I'd like to start a 4 week cut program to jump start things for the summer. Considering that I actually have over 30 lbs before I get to my goal weight, should I stick with other methods that worked for me last year (diet, lifting, and EC) until I'm closer to my goal weight, or would now be a better time to add Androlean?

    Hopefully I provided the info that's needed. If any more would help I'm happy to add to it.

  2. Start tracking your calories and nutrition with an online resource like myfitnesspal. Honestly, at your weight, it should be relatively easy to drop a significant number of pounds, so long as you are first and foremost really serious about your dietary needs and secondly are working out consistently.

    Others might argue with me, but I would try to work cardio into your workouts 6 days a week if you really want to speed up the process. Your training schedule might look as follows:

    Monday: Chest/Back, 20 min steady jogging on treadmill
    Tuesday: Legs, 20 min on elliptical
    Wednesday: No lifting, 20 min HIIT on treadmill, 20 min on bike (40 min total), Abs
    Thursday: Shoulders, 20 min uphill walking on treadmill
    Friday: Arms, 20 min steady jogging on treadmill
    Saturday: No lifting, 20 min HIIT on treadmill, 20 min on bike (40 min total), Abs

    You might have to tone down the times a bit at first until you're in a bit better shape, but if you can work up to that and have your diet right, you will lose weight in a hurry without the need for Androlean or anything else. Once your weight loss starts slowing down, you can start adding things like EC and Androlean, but just make sure to get everything else on track first. I can't emphasize enough how big of a difference getting scientific with your nutrition will make.

  3. Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Owlicks. I forgot to mention that I was gifted a bodybugg last fall and have been using it to manage my calories and activity. Keeping a caloric deficit+exercise managed to get me from about 253 down to 223 last fall. Unfortunately my work and school schedule allows for about 3 hours of sleep between tuesday and friday. Not that I care to make that an excuse, but that seems to be the big issue as of late.
    Once school gets out, I'll only have a night shift job to contend with and a 6 day workout routine is definitely in my future. Perhaps I'm just falling victim to the "if I can shred 15 lbs doing X, maybe I can shred 25 doing X+Y!!!11!"

  4. Seems to me that when your schedule gets back to a somewhat "normal" pace then you can continue your great progress. Could you use AL, sure, but perhaps save it for that drop from 12% to 10%

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