Primordial 1-t and pmag stack

  1. Primordial 1-t and pmag stack

    Would this be a good stack as far as working well together?

    Pmag- 50,75,75,75,75,75
    1-t - 4 pumps all six weeks
    cycle support 12 weeks
    hawthorn berry for bp


    Novla + trs from primordial

    I have taken 1-t and had mild lathargy. Would p mag make this worse or will it help with the issue? I know some ph's help with sides and some cause more issues when they are together. I cant find any logs on this stack.

    Has anyone used this stack? Or have any information as to why it would be a good idea and or a bad one.

  2. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

  3. it would be nice. a little wet but very fun. I am on pmag now and strength gains are huge and im 6 days in but i used 4 days of hdrol at 75mg right before this to get rid of the caps.

    methyl and non methyl

    Good job on both the SERM and OTC stack

  4. Thanks I have been trying to find something that helps with the lathargy and p mag always gets good review on how good it makes you feel.

    Sounds like you will be having fun with this also. Let me know how it turns out. Are you running a log ?

    As for the stack being wet I think that will help with joints and a little body fat never hurt anyone either. Being cut up for summer is nice but that is not my goals right now.

  5. yeah im al ittle into pmag and i felt crazy bad ass alpha male feeling and massive sex drive first 5 days now it really settled down but fullness and strength is still way up. feeling lethargic. naw ive done to logs on a 4 week havoc cycle and a high dose 5 week hdrol cycle both OTC pct and everything was good. now i got this 6 week stack and a big pct with clomid and big OTC stack i just dont feel like it anymore. best of luck to your cycle and it wont be that wet.

  6. I say go for it!

  7. Thanks guys.... This sounds like the one for me. If the lathargy gets bad then I will just have to adjust.

    This is going to be a lot of fun I think.


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