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    Wait a sec...
    1) the 4dhea, 5dhea are shown to convert into androstenedione and androstenediol then to testosterone.

    which is all good and well but take androstenedione converts to estrone/estradiol via aromatase
    in the process to estrone/estradiol whereas test via other mech.

    This is all good and well and will convert to testosterone but also to a lot more estrogen in the same way as taking DHEA->androstenedione would.

    I just saw this product so maybe i am being ignorant, but the diagrams for Rdhea, 4dhea, and 5dhea all show conversion into the parent androstenedione which converts into estrogens...

    its fine to then throw out 481mg test etc, how many mg estrogens?!

    *no intent to flame, genuinely interested in the product and valid question
    unless its a typo and you meant 4-androstenediol/4-androstenedione...?

    2) there isn't an unlimited supply of the enzymes (not going to far into it) converting these products into their end hormones...

    so if you are pushing stacks like andromass androhard how can you possibly be sure that there isnt going to be seriously unequal conversions,etc. It is the same situation PA described taking DHEA with a androstenedione supplement where there is competition for the 17-HSD

    so we can have unequal daily conversions. we can have not enough conversion in some individuals even on just andromass for example, etc etc. I am just worried because there are a lot of steps compared to 4-ad of old or say epistane, where we know what we are taking in...

    i realize times are a-changing but
    what up with this?

    ---> pls dont just cut and paste abstracts or research titles. I hope someone can answer the Qs

  2. I didn't answer this here because this same copy/paste was responded to by Eric on PHF correct?
    Just inject.

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