Androhard + Dermacrine 4 weeks cycle!!

  1. Androhard + Dermacrine 4 weeks cycle!!

    Hi..., i got a question for you guys..., i'm planning to run androhard + dermacrine 4 weeks cycle for this january and just wud know if they need a PCT for that short period or i can go with em without it. I just wanna be sure that i'll have no shutdown problems after the cycle so, plz lemme know what's your personal point of view!!
    Thanks a lot.

  2. I would run a PCT. I'll be running this soon as well, will be using Cycle Support during cycle and will be taking TestatropinV2 and TRS stack for PCT. Always better to be safe then sorry!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. ^^^Good advice, yes you will need to run PCT, the TRS stack will work great for your cycle.

    Oh, and please let us know how your cycle goes. Welcome to AM

  4. Kk..., thanks a lot guys..., i'll let you know how it'll be!!!

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