A couple questions about Dermacrine....

  1. A couple questions about Dermacrine....

    What's up PP?

    I'm currently licking my wounds b/c of the Steelers vs. Baltimore game (damn Ravens)!! I had a question about the Dermacrine TD.

    I recently bought 4 bottles during the sale...along w/ 2 bottles of the T-Bol LV.

    Depending on how my 1st cycle goes w/ the Dermacrine....I might consider saving the 2nd for my T-Bol run next year. Now I've read out the Derma being used as a test base for suppressive cycles. My question is, Dermacrine itself being suppressive, how, while taking on-cycle, does this HELP with recovery? I can see the positive effects on-cycle with it helping w/ libido, mitigating the lethargy, etc...but how does it exactly help with decreasing the shutdown that could be caused by other PS's?

  2. Dermacrine is not very suppressive at all, it helps with libido in the same sense that it prevents shutdown.

    7,8-Benzoflavone is the ingredient that helps.
    I think it would be great to run together with pp turinabol.

  3. The hormone ITSELF is suppressive because it converts to exogeneous testosterone in the body, but the added ingredients are what make it good for On-cycle.

  4. Thanks guys...so the 7-8-Benzo is what helps w/ suppression? I'm assuming the Resveratrol helps as well?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BurghHardcore View Post
    Thanks guys...so the 7-8-Benzo is what helps w/ suppression? I'm assuming the Resveratrol helps as well?
    Yes, resveratrol helps keep estrogen down.

  6. You guys beat to the punch - well done. Yes, the DHEA is suppressive, but the "support" ingredients in dermacrine are there specifically to mitigate "shut-down" and increase libido.

    Good luck with your cycle man, you should really enjoy it.
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