Summer Super Sale 2010

  1. Summer Super Sale 2010

    Primordial Performance Summer Super Sale!

    Dear AM,

    We are proud to announce our Summer Super Sale starting now at!

    Free shipping for $150 domestic orders and discounted shipping for $250 international orders!

    And remember we guarantee the BEST PRICE and 100% SATISFACTION when ordering with Primordial Performance. Find a cheaper price of a similar product anywhere and we will beat it! (or refund you the difference)

    Take advantage of these amazing deals for seven days only....


    Natural steroid. No estrogenic effects. Harder abs, harder chest, harder erections. AndroHard stacks extremely well with almost any pro hormone on the market. Boost sex drive and fight gyno with AndroHard.

    Originally $69.95, now only $52.46!

    Testosterone Conversion Factor-1
    Now twice the servings for the same price. Boost total testosterone up to 30% in only 12 days with Testosterone Conversion Factor-1! 100% natural, no steroidal ingredients, perfect for PCT or anyone with low T levels. Get even better results when stacked with Sustain Alpha.

    Originally $29.95, now only $20.97!

    Dermacrine Liqua-Vade
    30% stronger formula than previous LV version! Blast muscle growth to new levels with Dermacrine! Great addition to any cutting or bulking cycle.

    Originally $49.95, now only $37.46!


    Our most powerful mass building formula! Gain up to 15lbs in lean, hard gains in 6 weeks. Converts to the famous German steroid "Oral Turinabol" with high anabolic potency. Grow vascular and ripped with Turinabol!
    IMPORTANT: For advanced users only. Requires Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Get the full Turinabol Muscle Stack here.

    Originally $59.95, now only $47.96!

    Sustain Alpha Liqua-Vade
    Sustain Alpha with Liqua-Vade technology is here and up to 3x more effective than previous topical versions. Boost natural testosterone levels, get rock hard erections and bigger ejaculation loads with the new Sustain Alpha Liqua-Vade. Stacks well with the new Testosterone Conversion Factor-1.

    Originally $49.95, now only $37.46!

    Promote hair growth, lower bad cholesterol, and help clean out the arteries with Toco-8!

    Originally $29.95, now only $23.96!

    Dermatherm Target
    Burn fat off and reveal rock hard abs with the spot specific fat burner DermaTherm Target!

    Originally $39.95, now only $27.97!

    Don't forget, spend over $150 and get free shipping!

    Enjoy your 2010 Summer in health!

    Eric Potratz
    Founder & President


    Phone 1-800-568-2924

    Email - [email protected]

    9am-5thread PST Live Chat - Primordial Performance Live Support

    Visit - Primordial Performance

    Primordial Performance LLC
    13331 NE Whitaker Way
    Portland OR 97230

  2. Awesome. I need to make a big purchase soon, can't afford the Turinabol stack yet but maybe ill grab that androhard while its cheap
    Just inject.

  3. Ohhhh man i`ve been waiting for some special sale from yours and my nex pay day is in two weeks Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! !!

  4. alright time to stock up!!!!!

  5. wow awesome deals.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  6. One of the sale announcements didn't go out on time, so we've extended the sale another 48 hours....

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo15 View Post
    One of the sale announcements didn't go out on time, so we've extended the sale another 48 hours....

    until Friday?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by MAxximal View Post
    until Friday?
    Through Thursday

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo15 View Post
    Through Thursday
    I hope Resolve my bank CC issue for this date!

  10. last day of the sale guys

  11. TRS and Dermatherm on the way!!!!!


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