Tren LV/Androhard ?

  1. Tren LV/Androhard ?

    I received a used bottle of Tren LV from a buddy and am starting my 3rd week and up 6 lbs while leaning out quite a bit. My question is im not sure how much I have left, hopefully I can finish up 4 weeks but since I am having so much fun I would love to bridge right into another cycle for another 3-4 weeks bringing the cycle to 6-7 weeks total. I was thinking androhard for a serious recomp for summer. Would this be ok to do and will it help with my goals of a recomp.? I am an experienced user with all the necessary support supps and PCT. Just looking for some feedback

  2. Any reps have any input?.. Id like to order this ASAP if its worth it.

  3. U could have stacked it but dont bridge into the AH.
  4. UKStrength
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    I would keep the cycle to 6 weeks or less mate, so 2 weeks of AndroHard if you like but no more.

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