2 weeks of Derm LV and Form LV

  1. 2 weeks of Derm LV and Form LV

    Monday will be 14 days on Derm LV at 4x2 and Form LV at 2x2 a day but I haven't started feeling anything. I've never not responded to anything I've taken so I'm not sure what to think. I've been looking very forward to this so I'm really hoping it kicks in and I atleast feel something in the gym. Any ideas?

  2. i just finished 4 weeks on derm lv (today in fact). i REALLY noticed it by the second week. bump it up to 5mlx2.

  3. I am at the end of my 2nd week but I am dosing derm 5ml BID and form 2ml BID. I have definately noticed an increase in libido and some water loss. I would definately cycle again just for the increase in libido haha. I am thinking of bumping up my dose of form but not sure if I should or not????

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