clen and androhard!!

  1. clen and androhard!!

    i have some clen on the way as well as androhard im hoping combining the 2 can get me down from 14% bf too about 10%.... i also have 2 bottles of diesel test pro that i may be throwing in. any suggestionss

  2. anyone.. any thoughts suggestions, please will be greatly appreciated

  3. ehhh, id be hesitant to take both at the same time. I have heard people do it but Clen and a steroid just dont seem like a good idea. There have been reports of peoples hearts racing while on clen and stuff like that. Id save it for before or after my cycle.

  4. interesting thanks..
    im going to do 2weeks clen than start winni and androhard for 4 weeks in which during pct ill run 2 more weeks of clen

  5. anyone?

  6. Dude you know that Clen is for used as veterinary drug!!! (to treat horses with asthma)

    May I just say not very good for you but hey to each it own but how far are you willing to go util your heart stops?
    Diet is always the key to unlocking the door of success

  7. thanks for your concerns, but many people have used clen and many people have come out of it okay..


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