1t lv and turinabol cycle

  1. 1t lv and turinabol cycle

    Well i'm about 3 weeks into my 1t and turnibol cycle goin for 6.

    So far i have had extreme strength increase and gained 12lbs from 205 to 217.
    I'm dosing 90mg of the turnibol and 10 ml of the 1t a day.

    There have been some pretty bad side to the cycle. The worst for me is the lethargy. It is hardcore and i've done alot of different cycles and this one has made me the most tired. Blood pressure has been slightly elivated at 138/86...is normaly 122/75. There has been some back pump but i've had worse with other cycles. Also joints have been ache but just mega dosing fish oil seems to clear that up. The one good side is libado or how ever u spell it. I feel like i am 16 and just randomly gettin boners all day long.

    All and all i am loving this cycle. These are definetly legit products.

  2. dermacrine would have been a good addition.

  3. doesn't 1t have the same things as dermacrine

  4. i got the hardcore muscle stack and just added turinabol to it.

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