Turinabol Stack -- Missing Anything?

  1. Turinabol Stack -- Missing Anything?

    This is going to be my second PH stack. I'm in my 30s and I'm an extreme ectomorph. My plan is as follows:

    Week 1 - Liver Juice (throughout all weeks, 2 doses/day)
    Week 2 - 1-Andro/4-AD (AMS, standard dosage)
    Week 3 - 1/4 + Turinabol (60)
    Week 4 - 1/4 + Turinabol (60)
    Week 5 - 1-Andro + Dermacrine (std) + Turinabol (60)
    Week 6 - 1-Andro + Dermacrine (std) + Turinabol (90)
    Week 7 - 1-Andro + Dermacrine (std) + Turinabol (90)
    Week 8 - 1-Andro + Dermacrine (std) + Turinabol (90)

    PCT 1 - Tamoxifen Citrate (30mg) + AromX (std)
    PCT 2 - TC (30mg) + AX (std)
    PCT 3 - TC (20mg) + AX (std)
    PCT 4 - TC (10mg) + AX (1/2 std)

    I ran 1-Andro and 4-AD on an 8 week cycle a number of months back and had some decent results, but noticed I had near zero shutdown at all. I have a feeling that the Turinabol might give me more issues, so I am going with a SERM this time and I will have TCF-1 on hand in case I need to give the boys a bit of a boost (i.e. "oh **** my junk doesn't work" during the start of PCT). I will also be using Xtend during workouts during the cycle and will use a triple shot in a gallon of water and sip all day during PCT (on top of the lifting dose).

    Diet will be ~400g p/400g c/4000 cal on lifting days and ~350g p/50g c/3200 cal on non-lifting days with two moderate intensity cardio periods dropped into the off days. My diet is extremely clean (mainly fibrous veggies, chicken breast, drained/pressed ground beef, turkey breast, eggs, skim milk, coconut and olive oils, oatmeal, and mashed sweet potatoes).

    My goal is about 15 lbs this run ... does everything look reasonably in place and are my goals realistic? Anyone have experience with this kind of stack or advice going in?

  2. . *I used a Halodrol clone called Chlorodrol 50. *Each tab was 50 mg's twice a day. *I used it for 10 days and is nowhere near the potency of Turinabol LV. *In fact I am dosing the LV at 30 mg's per day and I am expecting results. *With the former clone sides were zilch. *With the Turinabol LV sides even at 15 mg are considerably higher I can't imagine dosing 2 ML twice a day!!! *Not for me. *Maybe for a guy that has cycled before and knows his body better!!!
    I posted this on the PP website. I am reposting here because I think it's important to know that the TLV is strong stuff... At least for me since this is my first real go around.
    I am sticking to 30 mg for 4 weeks and see the results...

  3. Thanks for the input, I'll keep an eye out for sides. The only side that I'm aware of being highly susceptible to is horrific acne and I'm expecting that to be bad this go around.

  4. Anyone recommend an online source for olive oil that doesn't taste like ass?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jcalvert86 View Post
    Anyone recommend an online source for olive oil that doesn't taste like ass?
    I would assume it all tastes the same?

  6. If you can't stomach olive oil just go for coconut oil. It is solid at room temperature and you can spoon it out and just eat it (it melts in your mouth with a slight coconut aftertaste). As for olive oil, if you look for the ones labeled "light flavor" they won't taste nearly as potent.


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