starting today, preloaded lv juice last 10days...gonna look like this....

    OT 60,60,90,90,90,90 (mite stay at 60 if feels looks good)
    AH 2x250 all the way through
    cycle support
    liver juice (taste is brutal, i actually liked the other lv strait into the mouth, liver j i need worm shot n its still bad)
    SA alpha fri,sat,sun whole way

    TRS + TCF-1 (2bottles for both front and back end of pct)

    recomp/lean out/cut...will be on maintenance cals
    im 5'8 215 12%...
    lifts :bench approx 325 flat/incine
    squat 415
    military press 245
    (btw all these for reps 8-10)
    diet is solid (im a vegi too)
    supps r basic...multi, protein (myofusion, n MAP(pre/post), n monohydrate (i dont take bs no2 pump or preworkout stuff ever)

    question: androhard says 12hrs apart...i take dose at 830, train at 6, so is it ok to take 2nd dose b4 gym at 530 (9-10hrs apart) or adhere to label regardless if AH is great preworkout (wkends no problem as i train in morn)

  2. day 2

    not sure if AH can hit this fast, but really good shoulders/arms wo, sweated more than usual too. as for turin, really feeling the lethargy (good thing i work at home), feelin lil more swole all day long too, lil more than normal, kinda like i just put the weights down hr or two ago

  3. 9-10 hours apart would be fine.

  4. thanks man.....i love your pp stuff wiulifter...but im in canada so really hard to get the 'good' stuff...that thread for biggest stash, for a canadian i got a fridge full of 'lv technology'.....btw im more after recomp/leaning, with the above stack what am i lookin at regards to bf lost (not % cause its misleading seeing ill add 10lbs prob), maintenance cals everything else in line, minimal cardio as my wo has always been enuff 2 keep me lean.

  5. day 5

    for sure AH is in the blood now, hit shoulders/bis/tris, n up 22lbs on front military, and 5-10lbs on all other stuff (rear delts, bi curls, tri ext ect.)and i dunno if my mind is playin tricks cause i wanna c it, but looked leaner around the top ab/chest area this morning

    as usual pump constantly there, feeling very 'on'....i ran epi b4, and only felt it in the gym, really didnt care for it, AH i like waaay better
    ***liver juice and cycle support orange r the worst tasting support supps ever, pills all the way next time (i can manage somewhat lj, but the cs orange is like fkn stale indian food after taste mixed with fkn dog sh*t)

  6. HI Bro

    any updates ? I was considering similar

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Jbrooks View Post
    HI Bro

    any updates ? I was considering similar
    got to pp website for updates on this log. apparently this is a sick stack.

  8. sorry, yeah its at pp but heres something......

    DAY 26
    M I D C Y C L E R E V I E W
    (almost mid)

    AGGRESSION(10/10)was very focused in the gym, good intensity, only when i bumped to 600mg, was alot, started getting angry at home, very moody, 600mg is too mush for 6wks, maybe last 2-3wks
    STRENGTH(8/10)was expecting more, this past weeek tbol kicked in good, but was a lil strength nothing i couldnt achieve with a good prewo
    MUSCULAR ENDURANCE(15/10) INSANE!!the stack really shines here, sets get easier alomst 'lighter', i changed my chest workout, put cables first only cause i get a surge midway through so i did bench 2nd, WOW
    PUMP(11/10) again excellent, best ever, no beta was the best prior, this is intense, sometimes all day, usually hrs after workouts, n when i put the weights down i feel 20lbs heavier
    LIBIDO (7/10...fri,sat,sun with SA 9/10) nothing crazy, but this past week i bumped both dosages to 90mg/600mg respectively n saw a jump in drive, might rate it higher if it keeps up
    GAINS (9/10) i give 9 cause iv gained 2lbs in 3 1/2wks, albeit at maintenance cals (i dont understand overeating on cycle, without ph's overeating will give you gains), however iv leaned out considerably, look bigger in the upper body/arms/legs, n without measuring (i always go by feel/mirror) iv lost an inch or two around the midsection, n chest looks really tight,...my goals were recomp so im very happy, im sure this will get a 10 after 6 weeks as tbol is kicking in good now!
    ***i shoulda upped the tbol sooner, my sweet spot is 90mg, anyone planning this cycle n over 200lbs do like i outlined in the beginning, i waited an extra week, but still no sides at 90mg, smaller guys shouldnt push it youll gain at 60mg no doubt

  9. DAY 29

    nothing new to report, just really looking alot fuller and denser than say 10 days ago. i new id lean out, and on any cycle the shoulders/arms look fuller.....but with this stack my rear traps/delts are very round and alot more seperated, and the most impressive is with the wheels, my legs are fuller, n not just that but its hard to say, they look good, as if they reshaped themselves, rounder/smoother, the muscles 'flow' as opposed to being just thick before.

    i woke up this morning and without measurements and what not, id say my waist has gotten considerably smaller, today was the smallest iv seen it in 2yrs ill measure but id say 32inch, mind you im 5'8/5'9 215lbs, so for me thats great. i have still only gone up 2lbs however the recomp effects of this combo are ridiculous, i really couldnt be happier, except for the fact it sucks that tbol kicks in when you get to the wrong side of the mid-cycle, i wish i could do 10wks lol

    i talked to the guy who runs the site i get my pp stuff (sadly canada is a bitch about some of primordial's 'candies'), n he said hed run everthing, n without a doubt tbol and superdrone were by far the best vesions of those compounds hed run, including the original superdrol (this dude is strait up too, considering he doesnt care for trs, i knew he wasnt gonna preach me the entire line, when he said he liked the ph's i trusted him)

    i like this run so much, im already thinking
    tbol/tren (iv never run anything like that so im weary, im a ph virgin somewhat)
    i could see doing a couple cycles of tbol with other stuff, and by the end of 2-3 of them (of course not back to back to back) a guy could really be chiseled. i understand the effects would diminish each time, but a cpl pounds here n there and the awesome cutting power, really get you to your goals (we are all probably similar, more muscle less fat, constantly fine tuning the physique)

    ***still no sides, i take the liver juice of course, n cycle support once or twice a day (i alternate especially as no issues, not even bp issues, and no back pumps) i probably coulda run it higher than 60,60,60,90,90,90 but im sure the sides would come on, and itd be hard to imagine the cycle any better.

  10. END WEEK 5

    sadly im on my last day of week 5, with 1 to go, im beat up that i coudnt run this longer since upping to 90mg, iv seen changes, more vascular in my arms,shoulders,chest, in the gym they r pipe like....leaning out effect continues....pumps r even better than before....i know for sure 90mg all the way through, oh yeah there will be a next time

    for anyone who is planning on running this, besides all of the amazing pumps, endurance, muscle, heres some of the stuff to watch out for, probably dose dependant, but dose in relation to size could be a factor.........

    -lethargy...1st 3-4 days of the cycle, then 2days after i upped the dose in the third week, definitly not that bad as the body adapted pretty quick, but its there none the less (i work at home so wasnt an issue)

    -sore joints....minor at the beginning, definitely increased at 90mg, i didnt use taurine as no back pumps, n i already kill bananas so the potassium helped, altho bench (incline/flat) really was a bitch with the shoulder, elbow, n wrists sore

    -libido....was always there, androhard im sure helped, n when i used sustain fri through sunday, watch out, i could 'pull' it twice a day n still be stalking my gf round the house

    -appetite...no increase ordecrease in my case, which actually was great for me as the goal was pure recomp, any mass/size gain woulda been a bonus, due to the great recomping effects, n my weight increase of 2lbs, i have filled out in the legs in upper body...anyone eating more on cycle would add for sure

    recovery....didnt notice much, in the gym of course endurance was huge, but i still was pumped/sore in bodyparts 2 days later, not too bad as i supplement alot around gym time (pre/post protein n bcaa), but no improvement either

    pressure in my head serious after dosing androhard its there, like someone pressing on your face, either i grew used to it or its temporary, but its there off and on throughout

    sleep....hard to fall asleep at night, but when i woke up i was AWAKE, even if i only got 6hrs some nights (i get 8-9 usually mmmmmm), vivid real dreams too, to combat this my normal zma wasnt suffice, i used my muscle pharm bullet proof (way overpriced for what it does but here it was effective, at a full scoop it usually put me down within 45min)

    aggression.....fine, until i went to 600mg a day on the AH, i fought with my gf over some stupid **** that weekend, lasted 2-3 days, was very irritable, when normally im very passive and laid back to a fault, so the change was dramatic

    cool, off to hit chest(ouch) and back....pump wise on this cycle, chest back is disgusting, i feel like a new man lol, once i do my first pulldowns the flood fills into the lats, to go with the sever chest pump, its great!!!!

  11. =]

    Man, and about HD ?!
    Did you fell that HD lowered estrogens!?


  12. bro i saw your other thread, askin bout test cyp n what not, n from your avatar your diet aint in check, you r bouncing between am n pp loooking for help, n when you get it, you disregard it n continue on your crusade for superpump as a pct.........ill answer your question in that tbol and androhard both DO NOT have an afinity to convert to estrogen so if you want to add formestane which i know you are wanting, itll just hurt your joints, n shut down the estro so mujch it might be a problem in pct where gaspari wont save you....run the tbol n androhard with either the trs or nolva................in my opinion you might wanna research more you may not be mature enuff physically and or mentally yet for designers, alot of guys think its magic in a bottle, its not, it definitly helps but if the other areas arnt in check youll be dissappointed with your results n blame it on the product. im not trying to be a know it all or an ass, trying to save you from your over anxious self. im 30, and this is only my 5th cycle of anything ever, longest also, epi is probably the next strongest iv done, i built myself up from absorbing info from people and the net, applying it to my genetics or what i could do with what i have, n ate a **** load


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