ANDROHARD questions!

  1. ANDROHARD questions!

    anyone ever use this product?

    can you run it with test-e?

    Is it, its own prohormone you run standalone-or with a prohormone to help with dht conversions?

    On cycle/PCT?

    Any info would be great!

  2. helps with dht to fight against gyno issues on cycle ect. test-e i believe converts to dht so i do not think its needed but i could be wrong. great to stack with ph's tho

  3. Quote Originally Posted by the tiger View Post
    anyone ever use this product?

    can you run it with test-e?

    Is it, its own prohormone you run standalone-or with a prohormone to help with dht conversions?

    On cycle/PCT?

    Any info would be great!
    What are your goals overall? What did you have in mind for a cycle? This product will convert to the target hormone DHT. You're going to get a good amount of DHT conversion while on Test-E unless you take something to mitigate that factor.

    This product was designed to help mitigate side effects such as libido loss, while adding aspects of muscle hardening, strength gains, and estrogen mitigation. You can run this as a stand alone product, or it can be a good addition with our superdrone, 1-T, or Turinabol as a stack.

    If you have any specific questions in designing a cycle, just let me know.


    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  4. I just started a test-e cycle.

    I didn't know if i could/should stack the product with the test-e, or if it would be pointless, since test-e does the same thing. I imagine then, i won't have libido issues while on the test-e, since it serves a similar purpose to Androhard.

    Do people ever take Androhard, just for libido purposes?

    Finally, you recommend toremifene as the best SERM and combining it with the TRS? will i need arimidex as well, or does the TRS cover that aspect of the pct?
    And, if you recommend the TRS, how/if it does, does the TRS effect the actions of the SERM? does it impede the SERMs purpose and job?


  5. John -

    More specifically,

    I read on your website about how if one takes Tren or Superdrol etc by itself then it can supress DHT and cause serious health problems.

    It also mentions that people who experience such problems and side effects will reach out to an anti-aramotase like 6-oxo.

    Then it goes on to pitch Androhard.

    I took Tren Xtreme last year by itself and I have never recovered even after trying many PCT cycles. The only thing that helped me restore myself was taking 6-oxo so I ran a 45 day cycle of it and felt great at 800mg a day then lost it all once i tapered down to about 300mg.

    My symptoms mirror that of someone who is experiencing Post-Finasteride Syndrome. I never took a 5ar inhibitor so I am hoping that the damage is reversable and once I read about Androhard it looked like what I have been looking for. In any event, every doctor have seen has NO IDEA about this stuff. But I know that you and Eric and very smart about this stuff. Currently, I can get my libido back with a Test-E injection and am currently running a cycle of that. I added Proviron and it helped me achieve an erection for a coupel of days but it wore off. Once I added in 6-oxo in any capacity my ability to achieve erection and my over feeling of well being increased in relation to the dose of 6-oxo.

    Since it is apparent that on the entire Net and every specialist I have seen, PP is the only place that calls out my exact symptoms after I took Tren and the fact I am reacting.

    I am currently considering running test-e with androhard for a more direct conversion to DHT which is perhaps what the 6-oxo is kind of doing. Or I am also considering running Test-E with Proviron and 6-oxo to avoid the DHT suppression that PP mentions or perhaps all three. I am also considing purchasing bulk mesterolone and injecting it in high doses IM to shock me back into gear.

    It appears that you guys may be only ones who know what the symptoms are for my exact situation (and tigers) and know what has happened to our bodies so hopefully you and Eric can advise a plan to return our lives back to normal.

  6. To All,

    I am a 20 year old student at the University of Miami. I was being recruited to play baseball here until I tore my quad my Junior year of high school. My speed is nowhere near where it used to be and ultimately I decided against D3 baseball to come to "The U" anyway knowing my opportunities at a professional career ended with my injury. While I can sprint (much slower than I used to) and run distance my overall strength has not come back in my legs. I cramp so badly while squatting for 4 sets of 10 with only 135lbs! I am extremely flexible and consider myself to be in good athletic condition. I have tried everything from physical therapy to even pilates and yoga (not a bad way to meet women). Does anyone know of any supplements to flush out my legs and any scar tissue build up? I am sick of not being able to lift legs.

    That being said...I am only 5' 8" 170 but my max bench is 250 (yes, I go down all the way unlike most idiots I see in the gym with their lowest point of their bench still a foot off their chest). My upper body and core are extremely strong for my height and weight. I look stocky and possibly overweight with clothes on yet I have some pretty good cuts despite my low metabolism. I am around 12%-13% body fat right now. Being at school in Miami where it is always hot enough to go shirtless I want to cut as much fat as possible.

    I know the importance of legs when it comes to increasing metabolism. If there is anything anyone would recommend for helping with my leg problems I would appreciate it. I want to be shredded out of my mind to look good as well as, should my leg problems finally be fixed, possibly play ball at Miami like I was supposed to. Anything anyone would recommend for a person my age to obtain my goals I am all ears. I was dieting very hard last summer until I caught mono. I plan to be back on that because I was having some great success. I have a lot of experience with supplements and have dabbled in the field of pro-hormones. I really liked halotest-25 from powerlabs so I tired androdrol from them as well which didnt work out too well. I am currently on halovar by prius labs which is working well. I believe it is time to kick the muscle building products and gear myself more towards fat burning supplements. I want to keep my muscle so I was planning on taking the Androhard+Therma something stack I was reading about earlier. Will this do anything for someone my age or will it be worthless?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this short novel and again thanks in advance for any advice!

    -Hurricane 15

  7. You're 20 man, stay away from hormonal products for a few more years.

  8. John/Eric - Can you please reply to my post? According to your website you mention that you know about what happens when someone takes a PH without supplementing with DHT. Please advise.

  9. so you dont want to offer any advice i guess it shows that you really dont know what you are talking about --- i wouldnt trust to buy anything from you fakes

  10. Quote Originally Posted by stilllearnin1 View Post
    John/Eric - Can you please reply to my post? According to your website you mention that you know about what happens when someone takes a PH without supplementing with DHT. Please advise.
    If you take a PH or DS that doesn't convert to test through some pathway then your DHT will go in the crapper because your own test is suppressed & there's nothing to convert to DHT. You say you are going on test-e which will readily convert to DHT through the 5ar enzyme at which point your libido comes back. So taking something else that converts to DHT through a different pathway seems to be over kill to me.

    Your issue sounds like you're low on test since exogenous test will fix the problem. I don't have any experience with Androhard but it would seem this would only temporarily mask your issue and once you're off you're suppressed again. If in fact that's your problem, check the TRT forum for advice on what to do.


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