Topical Solution/Fina

  1. Topical Solution/Fina

    Just wondering if this PP product will work as a fina carrier. Thanks.

  2. Copied from NP's carrier.

    Only use compounds with a molecular weight (MW) of less than 500. Best results will be obtained from using ingredients with a MW of less than 300. Generally, the lower the MW, the better the absorption. Only use the pure ingredients, without other binders, fillers, oils, or solvents. Most compounds with a MW of less than 300 will be absorbed at a 30-40% rate over 12 hours.

    Tren/fina: 270.37 mw

  3. Thanks liquid. I had read that info previously. I guess I should rephrase. Has anyone used this product as a fina carrier with good results?

  4. How much you plan to add into the carrier itself?

  5. Well, the product info says it can handle 5-6 grams. So I was thinking 6g bc that would be 3 carts.


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