Fat Loss Stack + OEP

  1. Fat Loss Stack + OEP

    Right now I'm midway through my "cycle" of LG's Trifecta Stack... While it is a very mild PH, I'm still starting to see some great results, and want to continue my recomping into PCT; which for the Trifecta stack is their Formadrol Extreme...

    My question is this: Would it be possible for me to run the PP Fat Loss stack and OxyElite Pro alongside the Formadrol, or would I need to finish one before starting the other?


  2. UKStrength
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    Yeah fine to stack mate, I put OEP into my last cycle with the Fat Loss Stack and loved the results

  3. Nice!!! I'm pretty stoked about this, I've heard nothing but good things about the PP Stack as well as OEP

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