Chemical Process

  1. Chemical Process

    How does:

    Chemical Name(s):
    Turinabol LV, Halo

    Convert to:

    Oral Turinabol

    doesn't seem likely....

  2. Another nomencalture for oral turinabol is:


    What happens is the enzyme 3b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase changes the -ol (hydroxyl) at the 3 position in Turinabol LV to a -one (ketone). So at the end of the nomenclature of Turinabol LV you have -3b,17b-diol (di-ol means "2 hydroxyls"). Once 3bHSD interacts, you have -3-one-17b-ol.


    Hope this helps

  3. Awesome!!!
    Though I am not a chemist, at least I know the process is possible.
    It does help. In essence this will convert to the same Turinabol used in the 70's, Munich Olympics, correct?

  4. Correct, yet we'd only be guessing as far as how much it actually does converts to OT.

  5. Reading the threads I haven't really seen any consistent results. More random results. What have you used OTC that has worked for you??



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