1. Dermacrine

    What do you guys think about running a 4 week cycle of winstrol along with dermacrine as a test base short cycle.

  2. I think it could be a fine idea. I've heard of people running Dermacrine along with Anadrol with success. So, it stands to me that running it with Winstrol would be a good addition. Curious as to why only 4 weeks?
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  3. I would like to keep oral cycles limited to 4 weeks, and never more than 6 weeks because of the toxicity of the liver. How does winstrol's liver toxicity compare to say T-bol or the DS like H-drol?

  4. bump on dermacrine with winstrol stack. Another question for the PP reps, im looking to do a short cycle just wanting to pack on a little LBM and lose a few pounds. Would Dermacrine with new Turinobol stack or Dermacrine plus Superdrone be best for me?

  5. bumb. curious about the winstrol Dermacrine stack as well. also running 4 week cycle winstrol



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