Trs/SuperDrone question

  1. Trs/SuperDrone question

    Whats up boys, sorry to be that guy but just trying to get a general opinion from some people wiser then me in the anabolics/pct category:

    Anyways just rapping up the 4th week of my superdrone cycle, (2nd time around the block first time was with TheOne) and about to go on PCT.
    Of course I have my SERM (clomid) and just last week I made the last second decision to say why not and got the TRS by PP. Anyways Toco8 was in back stock so I'm not gonna have it by Sunday when I start PCT. U guys think I should run just endoamp and Subsain Alpha with clomid or, run straight clomid and save the TRS stack as a whole for next time. Or lastly start clomid and endoamp/Subsain Sunday and just throw in toco8 whenever it happens to show up at my doorstep lol...

    thanks for your time gentlemen and one last closing note....GO CUSE
    I'm back from a longggg nap!

  2. I'd go with using Clomid + SA for 4 weeks each and save EndoAmp and Toco8 for a more harsh and/or longer cycle...This way all you have to buy next time around is more Clomid and Sustain, which would be altogether cheaper ~ $100 or so instead of buying another full-TRS.

    By the way my authority on the subject is limited to the fact that I've only used TRS once in the past and Clomid and Nolva a few times as well..

  3. Not too many things as harsh as 4 weeks of Superdrol dude. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Why not use it all, that's what you got it for right?

  4. I would run the TRS as is and not run as high of a dose of clomid as I would without the TRS (25mg?) and throw in toco8 when it gets there. Do you have an ETA for it?
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