1-T LV and SD-LV stack?

  1. 1-T LV and SD-LV stack?

    I'm thinking of running either a 6 or 8 week stack of 1-T LV and SD-LV

    SD-LV will be first 3 weeks only
    1-T LV will be entire 6 or 8 weeks.


    Also, i actually have 1 bottle of the trans 1-T left. Could I get away with only having to buy one bottle of 1-T LV (I'm unemployed) and run both at the same time but at half dosage or something like that?


  2. could be a great cylce imo. dont see anything wrong with it. the 1-t could help solidify the rapid gains from SD.

  3. That's what I was thinking. I'm just trying to figure out how i could use the 1-t LV and the remaining 1-T trans that i have left at the same time. I'm thinking maybe 2 pumps of the trans in the morning then 5ml of the LV for the 2nd dose.

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