LV ECD for the non hormonal crowd

  1. LV ECD for the non hormonal crowd

    ECD has an inarguable cult following. I love the stuff but I have toi choke down 2.5 + grams/day every 2-3 hours to obtain discernable benefits. I love the stuff at these doses. NON-hormonal strength, solid recomp, extreme vascularity and presence of mind knowing i can take the stuff with zero sides for AS LONG AS I WANT! I ran it for 6 months one time.

    LV+ECD is a potential wet dream for a BRIDGE between cycles AND for those that wish to avoid gear altogether.

    So..............PRETTY PLEASE????!!!!!! !

  2. ECD? Is what now?


  3. Ecdysterone (Turkish ECD will work too )

  4. ?????????

  5. I have tried Ecdy in high doses and it does absolutly nothing. There is plenty of scientific research that shows no decernable anabolic activity with either Ecdy or Methyoxy taken oraly. I have seen research where it has been shown to be anabolic if injected. Apparently thats how the Russians used it.



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