Any Coa's on Primordials PH's?

  1. Any Coa's on Primordials PH's?

    Looking to see if reps have any legit tests of purity for the PH line?

  2. If anybody else knows of any or would like to see them please post at will..

  3. anybody?

  4. I don't think there are any and, apparently from the lack of responses here, no-one is interested in seeing them.

    TBH the results from Primordial's products speak for themselves. There are plenty of logs around so do a search and you will see the results that people are getting when using their PHs.
  5. robkaige
    robkaige's Avatar

    besides... a coa would be easy to fake on the internet... like maybe some of the companies crying on this issue have done?

    Havent heard of Superdrone making people feel like death yet.... only good.... wonder why some clones would make people feel poisoned and others wouldnt.



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