1T LV and BP

  1. 1T LV and BP

    I have been on Superdrone LV at .25 to .5 a day for the past week and today was my last dose even at approx. .10 dosing due to high BP. I am also on HRT 100 ml Cyp.a week for the past year and have good body recomp results and some strength and size increase and was looking to add some weight so SD was my choice. I took this when it first came out when DS released it and didnt notice any problems with that one run. I take Benicar for elevated BP and have gotten down to taking it about 3 times a week supplemented with celery seed extract and this combo keeps my BP around 130/70, since adding SDLV I have taken Benicar everyday and each day my BP has gone up, today it was 160/90 and I feel a little more short tempered and kinda angry with for me is a sign of high BP, these always go hand and hand for me. I monitor daily at same time. I was thinking of switching to 1T LV after a couple of days off the Sd, I have not read anyone really having BP issues with the 1T, so this is my new plan of attack. I thought about pulsing the SD but I think I will just stay away from anything that raises BP for now.. If anyone has any insight on BP issued with 1T please chime in......

  2. bumpidty

  3. 1T will not effect BP like the SD...1T is much, much milder than SD...
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