Anecdotal Eveidence - Sustain Alpha as HCG Alt.

  1. Anecdotal Eveidence - Sustain Alpha as HCG Alt.

    If testicle size can be used as evidence, then I gotta say Sustain Alpha may well indeed work on cycle to reduce suppression.

    This is how it all went down. I started an Oral Turanibol cycle, with some H-50 thrown in on the back end 5 weeks ago.

    On about the 10 day mark, I had noticed a bit of shrinkage, and the balls felt a bit softer - which normal in my case. Thats when I got my Sustain Alpha in the mail.

    So I ran SA for 8 pumps ED for 2 days on, 5 days off the rest of the cycle, and each time my balls swelled up after the SA use, and my libido shot up. Also, my nuts were "watered down" towards the end of that 10 days, got thicker and whiter after each pulse.

    When I had taken OTbol before ( same brand, same package ), I had some kinda odd sexual dysfunction starting half way through the cycle, where my hardness decreased, and I would nut before I would actually orgasm. That didnt happen this time, in fact I was waking up every morning with rock hard wood and sex/hardness was normal if not better than normal.

    This Monday, due to lethargy, I ended the cycle ( 1 week early - was going for 6 weeks), and ran SA for 3 days, 8 pumps ED while still running 11oxo at 6 caps ED for my bridge.

    My balls are bigger and firmer this morning then when I started this cycle. We are talking golf balls here!

    Im going to continue the 2 days on/ 5 off all the way through my bridge and PCT of Nolvadex and 6oxo. Right now I feel great, hopefully that will continue.

    BTW, I put on 14lbs ( well 16, but I pissed out 2lbs over the last couple days ), lost an inch off my waist, and added 35lbs to my 8 rep bench rep weight. Im hoping to keep 10 of those lbs.

  2. Oh, I would probably recommend 3 days instead of 2 for the pulse, seems like that extra day this week really plumped up my balls another notch over the 2.

    That could be due to using a less suppressive compound though ( 11oxo vs OT ).

  3. Frank, we truly appreciate the feedback my friend. We're very excited to hear that people are having such fantastic results with our SA to mitigate on-cycle HPTA suppression. We're working on compiling bloodwork results to help further support and correlate the lab result data with these anecdotal reports. All the preliminary results are impressive.

    Keep up the great work, and thank you for taking the time to post this up for us.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  4. Yes, this is great feedback. Thank you Frank.


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