How to stack DermaTherm and Sustain Alpha?

  1. How to stack DermaTherm and Sustain Alpha?

    starting my TRS PCT soon, wanted to incorporate DermaTherm. can they be applied to the same areas at the same time? I was actually going to target the chest are with the dermatherm, i could limit sustain alpha to stomach and thighs if need be.


  2. I would say DermaTherm in the mornings and Sustain before bed.

  3. I would definitely apply the DermaTherm in the morning. Evening applications can cause insomnia-like issues with some.

    As far as application goes......concentrate the Sustain Alpha to your thighs and scrotum area. Apply the Dermatherm to your shoulders, upperback, stomach, flanks, and spread the rest over the course of your anterior upper body.

    I wouldn't apply them both at the same time, or in the same area. I like the Dermatherm A.M. application, and the Sustain Alpha evening/night-time application.

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