Good Stacks

  1. Good Stacks

    Im 20, been liftin for about 6yrs pretty hard and have tried different stuff. 5'10 at 185lbs. I was wonderin what a good stack would be to put on a solid 5-10lbs of lean muscle and cut up a bit.

  2. After 6 years of lifting, alot of guys want to get into hormonal products, but you might want to wait another few years. PP has some great non-hormonal options. They have the PhytoTest which will boost your testosterone, as explained on that product page. You can also stack that with their Testosterone Recovery Stack to naturally boost your test as well. That will also help lower your cortisol, and amplify your natural production (The Toco-8).

    With those products and a solid diet/workout routine, it's definitely possible to put on 5-10lbs in a few months of training. You can also pick some of those items up at with free shipping.

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