Test.recovery stack?

  1. Test.recovery stack?

    I know people here have used this stack. I would like to kinow your opinions. I have heard good things about toco 8, what about the rest of the stack?

  2. Sustain Alpha is a very good product. My libido was far above normal after about a week using it. I really want to run this again in the future. In fact I'd like to run it maybe once every 6 months as a test booster/maintainer.

    Endoamp is a "feel good" product if I've ever seen one. I always felt a natural high and a calming feeling while on it. I lead a somewhat stressful lifestyle and rarely get adequate sleep, though with a product like this out there I know I'd never have to get on any sort of nerve pill.

    Toco-8, can't really feel any of the effects of the product. Haven't been on it long enough to see any of the benefits of "more" hair. Though I fully believe it is as advertised and combined with Sustain Alpha it is fully effective.

    Question about Sustain Alpha though for those in the know, how effective would it be using it at a lower dosage spread out over a longer amount of time?

  3. Thanks for your input, regarding your question; I have found halfing the dose of everything is often wise if not economical. A person finds what works for them, at any given time and adjusts. I usually take a break from all supps and even weights. Its a matter of how you are consistently feeling.

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