My first strongman competition...

  1. My first strongman competition...

    I competed in my first competition. The 2008 Nebraska Strong Man Competition.

    5 events.

    Axle press (overhead) - never done this before. I opened at 180, was too easy. Bumped to 200, still easy. Bumped to 230, and still did it with ease. Too bad I only got 3 attempts.

    Keg Carry - had to bear-hug the keg. It was 250 lbs. This was my poorest event. I have short arms, and it squished the air out of me to get my arms around it. I only made it 110 feet. The winner made it 240.

    Farmers walk - 240lbs per hand. 120 ft, with one turn. We were allowed one drop. I made it with no drops. Good performance

    Sand bag loading - load 150, 200, 250 lb. sand bags onto neck high platform. I got the 150 and 200 with ease. I failed on the 250. I need some technique on this one.

    550 lb yolk walk for 60' - did this piece of cake
    200 lb. duck walk for 60' - again a piece of cake
    400 lb. sled drag for 60' - harder, but I still completed

    Overall, I did good for my first event, and having never touched any of these implements. I think I want to do another sometime this fall. I was in the under 200 lbs. class.

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  2. I've always wanted to do one of these. Was it easier or harder than you thought it was going to be?

  3. Very solid looking shoulders and arms there brother

    How tall are you?

  4. Kickass, man...that last pic shows that you were truly having a complete BLAST.

    Good intro to the time you should be more familiar, and thus perform much better. Great accomplishment.
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  5. Congrats man. Nice work for your first time.

  6. Very nice job on your first time and great pics!

  7. Overall, I would say it was easier than I expected. Walking with 550 lbs. on my shoulders was easier than I expected. As was the farmers walk. I'm pretty sure all my deadlifting helped with these events.

    I am 5'9" and weigh between 190 and 195 on an average day.

    Thanks for all the kind words...I think this may have started some future fun in these types of events. I am already looking for the next one I could do. I wish I could find a local group that already trains for this stuff!!!

    Thanks again!

  8. Nice work!


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