The Kenelly Method

  1. The Kenelly Method

    Has anyone tried his bench program? I am looking at planning my bench program for the next year. i have a meet coming up, and when I hit my goal of 315 I am going to plan out 12-week waves to get my bench to 405 by summer of next year.

    i am looking at either following the program from his booklet, or a Kenelly-inspired program in the Dec2006 issue of Ironman magazine entitled "Monster Bench" (publication aside, the program looks very solid with a lot of board work and it details getting from 315 to 405 within a year).

    For squat and DL i am going to adapt Elite's Force method to suit my needs, hoping to add band work to that.

  2. i was wondering the same thing. i would love to see an ebook of somehting off of this method. i dont have the $ to spend on the book, but it is available.
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  3. Here is an article on Kenelly's Blast program. Hardcore Powerlifting

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