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    yeah i have pretty small hands, i always felt like straps didnt really help my grip, but thin paper towel seem to really help my grip, especially if i squeeze the paper before the lift, so it molds to my hand haha
    Yeah man, I've done the same thing as well. Works great. I was having trouble staying on a pullup bar with this smooth rubber surface. Papertowels - FTW! Too bad chalk isn't more widely accepted... papertowels oddly really do fill that gap rather well though.

  2. Chalk is mac **** though. Wish every gym let you use chalk. Thankfully mine does. Straps dont really do much for me either. If i really need it i got some nifty lifting hooks. Those are alright but im in the same boat with Cranghel, i have creepy small midget hands . J/J. but really, i have smaller hands, chalk is the way to go.
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  3. Over-under took me from 405 to 500+
    Obviously not immediately, but it certainly helped.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea View Post
    where and how do the hooks cause pain?
    Always feels like my other fingers are trying to pull the thumbnail off more than hurting the main part of the thumb. It never happens, and the feeling goes away when the lift is finished, but the sensation is kinda distracting. Guess this may vary with different people having different finger lengths, hand proportions, etc(?) For sure I only hook for very low reps, couldn't sustain that for a more normal bodybuilding amt of reps.

    Something else I noticed with hook or non-hook, in my case anyway, is that the thumb/index/ middle finger part of the hand seems to do most of the pulling, with the ring finger and pinkie kinda going along for the ride more than doing their share of the work.

    If this is true for you too, an over/under grip is gonna be off center unless you adjust for this. The business end of the hand, (the thumb, etc) will face inboard on the barbell for the "over" hand, but it will be several inches farther outboard on the bar for the "under" hand. So, if you space your hands exactly equally, the parts of the hands that do most of the pulling are gonna be several inches different in where you are exerting "pull" on the bar.

  5. Hell i cant even do deads in till my elbow heals Ill read it then
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  6. i used to use the mixed grip but it destroyed me all over. i switched form under right to over right each set, but it still gave me problems in my shoulder and elbow. even my back was effected. im sticking to the straps. keeps me symetrical and deadlifts feel great but using alot less weight.


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