1. APF or AAPF?

    I am newbie to powerlifting, just starting to get into it... I was thingking of doing a local meet in June just to gauge what kind of numbers I can put up, its an APF/AAPF meet and I'd have to become a member (understandibly so).

    the only difference between the two of them that I can see is one is drug-tested, not the other, so I am not sure if I qualify for the AAPF. I have done a couple cycles of grey-market designers and plan on a few more- have done havoc, trenadrol, pplex, fura, plan on bold, halo, propadrol and others, nothing I can't purchase OTC.

    does this list preclude me from AAPF, or should I just stick to APF?

    oh, one more thing, I am lifting raw, does that change which federation I can compete in?


  2. In the AAPF it is drug tested. I dont know if they test every competitor, or just 10%. If you get tested then you will not pass. I don't know how long these agents stay in your sytem but I do know they're are banned. Also you can compete raw in the AAPF. I don't know they're regulations on knee wraps though. One more thing, I have done a good amount of meets. I have single, and multiply powerlifters in my gym. If you need help with anything, or have any questions. Feel free to send me a PM. good luck.Mark

  3. thanks, i wasn't sure if OTC "grey" items counted or not, they have a list but i am chemically-illiterate and couldn't tell what was what. I'll probably play it safe and register APF.

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