The Axle Master

  1. The Axle Master

    This Rob Orlando dude is pretty impressive on the axle which is sometimes a strongman event. He's around 225, I believe.


    365x1 (NAS LW record - I think the overall record is only 396)

  2. Does the thickness make it like 10% more difficult. Almost seems like you could be just as good with the axle as a reg sized bar, but definitely seems like it would be more dangerous(balancing.)

  3. I haven't figured out how to continental clean it yet. Maybe I need a gut to do that so I haven't gotten heavy enough to test it personally. I've pressed 264 with an axle and it felt a little harder than that much with a barbell.

    I know another guy who likes the axle better for pressing than the barbell though, but it's probably a little harder. It bugs my wrists a lot. Some guys recommend the suicide grip like he does in the video because it is easier on them. I throw my shoulders way back so the suicide grip seems too dangerous. I saw a dude split jerking with the suicide grip the other day

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