Making a comeback

  1. Making a comeback

    Hello all,
    I have decided to come back to this great sport after being away for about 15 years. I'll be 50 this July.... and a couple of weight classes up I lifted with the ADFPA & USPF in Maryland
    Competed @ 132 now 155. Not sure which would be better drop to 148 or up to 165 ?????????

    Anyway a lot has changed I see!! I haven't even been follow the sport. Gear has changed to huh? LOL

    Look forward to meeting you all.

    John O.

  2. thats awesome man
    i coach a 50year old man!its incredible the determination at the age of 50!!!!!

    id go up to 165 man!whats the sense of cutting and maybe losing strength?go up and get big man!
    take care!

  3. Thanks. Looking forward to coming back. I always had a blast.
    It was so cool to see someone yelling stomping and cheering you on in a lift... and it be from someone in your own weight class! LOL I lifted in Maryland and had the same lifters in every meet. @ 132 there were not that many , about 5 of us, we really got to be good friends cheering on.. and jeering each other after a miss LOL.Met a lot of great people in this sport!!!

    Hope it's still like that.

  4. thats good stuff man!

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