Congrat's On New Sponsorship

  1. Congrat's On New Sponsorship

    I have some exciting news to announce and a congratulations is in order. Christopher Drummond has been chosen as the first athlete to help us break into a new frontier at “Staley Training Systems“, that of creating a sponsored athlete program.

    A brief history and description of Christopher. He has been in the iron sport for over 20 years. Started out lifting weights to improve his athletic abilities as a wrestler. He quickly turned his attentions to bodybuilding and competed for several years. His accomplishments in bodybuilding include 1st place in weight class and overall in the AAU Culpeper Open, 1st in Weight Class and Overall in the NPC York Colonial Cup, 1st place in height class and Overall in the AAU Mr. Virginia, and AAU Athlete of the Year. He graduated College with a degree in exercise science and returned to get his teaching degree. He presently is a Elementary Physical Education teacher, actively teaching for 9 years now.

    Three years ago Christopher switched gears and moved into power lifting, mainly as a RAW lifter. Watch for Christopher to make a HUGE splash this spring in the RAW power lifting ranks. We have very high hopes and expectations for Christopher seemingly only eclipsed by his owns goals for himself. He is currently training for three upcoming competitions where he hopes to total Elite as a RAW lifter in the 275 pound class as well as break as many as 16 current state,

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! Christopher
    follow his progress by viewing his youtube training / meet videos YouTube - rawelite's Channel, and following his training log.

  2. I wanted to add we will be having an application process for further athletes of all disciplines in the coming days. There will be a nominal application fee but that should be no problem for any athlete that is serious enough to warrant consideration.

  3. looks good man
    what exactly is it tho?
    id be interested

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