Powerlifting Event Douglasville, GA

  1. Powerlifting Event Douglasville, GA

    Powerlifting Event Douglasville, GA


    The Advanced Institute of Powerlifting & Bodybuilding and American Powerlifting Association are holding a Powerlifting Contest Saturday February 16th at 11 am at 5963 Stewart Parkway Douglasville, GA 30135.

    The US Southern Record Breakers Championship
    Powerlifting, Push-Pull, Bench Press & Deadlift
    Raw, Gear, Unlimited Gear

    Teams from NC, GA, FL and John Groves from North Georgia Barbell will be here with one of his lifters to compete. Should be some big lifts........

    Detailed information on the attachment and you can goto:


    Got to FEB 16th for the link

    Hope to see you there

    Greg Hindley
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  2. It sounds like its going to be a good meet. There are alot of great lifters from NGBB. John Grove is a great powerlifter, and a even better man. When we had a meet in TN, he brought a bunch of lifters, and made a donation for us to go to high school nationals. Mark

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