Lady Bullworker (yeah, yeah. Ha ha.)

  1. Lady Bullworker (yeah, yeah. Ha ha.)

    Hopefully this is in the right place. Does anyone know where I could buy a Lady Bullworker? I've got an x5 that I do sets of 5 with (yes, squeezing it all the way in). I want a lighter one that I can really rep out with. They were made in England and every place I called there that still has some doesn't ship to the U.S. A point in the right direction would be appreciated. The range of motion on the x5, senior and lady models is better than the new Steel Bow and clones. Thanks! Also, you can make your own version with a either a long thick wooden dowel/wooden shower curtain rod/steel pipe, thera-bands/elastic tubing, cloth medical tape, 4 good hose clamps and two grip length sections of pvc pipe that will slide over the rod.
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