Kabuki's Meet Results - from training log

  1. Kabuki's Meet Results - from training log

    Meet report.

    Overall bombed but I would call the meet a success for me as it was an experimental meet and I wanted to see how some things played out. Wanted to learn a few things more and get some more meet time under my belt before this next year. I only last minute decided to continue with meet after finishing up work on house I needed done and getting sheet rockers lined out, so I ended up not being prepared for meet.

    I’ll save the lessons learned till the end.

    Weighed in the low 251-252 upon bedtime at 10pm the night before weigh ins and made weight the next day at 5:30pm at 241lbs. and probably dropped another 1lb within a half hour after that. Back at 250lbs by 10pm for bedtime that night without dumping any further wieght.

    Squat…couldn’t hit depth.
    825- just not enough weight
    870 – missed twice. Should have been able to hit depth but I kept freaking out every time I got close to that position I dumped the weight in my last workout. Simple lack of confidence as the weight felt like absolutely nothing on my back. Felt crazy easy. ****in head!!!

    570 super easy
    610 miss due to raising but
    630 slow lock but got it. Meet PR!

    Deadlift – First competition Sumo and only second time doing a max sumo pull.
    630 supa easy
    690 successful but nearly dropped it as I did the same thing at last comp and forgot to really grab the bar! I was holding it with 2 fingers in my right hand and they did not give me quick down call. judge was flickin me crap afterwards telling me that was the strongest 2 fingers he has seen!!! PR
    720 right to very end but couldn’t pull hips through. Did remember to grab the bar however.

    If I had sunk one of my squats I would have had a 2190 or greater total.

    Lessons learned.

    Weight Loss – dropping and recomping 10-12lbs in a short period of time is easy but uncomfortable. I took some diesel fuel caps (caffeine +) the day I cut to suppress appetite, diuretic aid, and energy. I did not take into account I was taking these on a completely empty system and should have gone with a minimal dose, if any at all. I was dry heaving by weigh in time (excessive caffeine and nervousness does this to me) and struggled all evening with getting food down afterwards. I easily regained all my weight but wasn’t able to super compensate.

    Preparedness – I need a checklist. And FOOD is of the utmost importance. Like I said this was last minute and I planned for the recomp but not for meet day. And basically did not eat the day of the meet!!! Felt solid on squat but by the afternoon when it came to benching and deadlifting I was really depleted and I could feel it affecting my strength levels. THIS WAS A MAJOR FAILURE. My stomach is a mess in the morning and I was only able to get down a few pieces of fruit and part of my pancakes. I did bring along some fixins for PBJ’s but didn’t have time to make one till 3pm prior to the Deadlift. So I basically went 2 days with only a couple hours of eating in there. I also forgot baby powder, singlet, battery for drill, batteries for camera, toothpaste, ect…you get the idea.

    Training Program – felt stronger and that my strength peaked about 3-4 weeks ago. Need to evaluate my training program leading up to the meet.

    And I missed not having my wife there
    880 Squat w/Wraps @ 220
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  2. The resistance in you head in the hardest thing to get over. I find that for me anyway. Plus I would be nervous lifting in front of so many people. Never done anything that before, but I can certainly relate to the resistance in you head.

  3. Two meet PRs isn't bad at all, but that sucks about the squats. I'm sure it will all come together soon at a meet. Will you be putting up videos eventually?

    I hear you on forgetting to eat. I did that at my last contest. The first event was starting, and I remembered to eat something way too late. There are just too many things going on with warmups and meeting people.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jas123 View Post
    Will you be putting up videos eventually?
    not on this one. i didn't have anyone to film since my wife didn't come along.
    880 Squat w/Wraps @ 220
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  5. Do you lift in a single-ply only division, Kabuki?

  6. i did not.

    just got word from someone that i was best lifter in the push-pull division by formula and by total.

    didn't stick around to find out as the last thing i need is a bunch more trophies.
    880 Squat w/Wraps @ 220
    Sponsored by USPLabs

  7. Quote Originally Posted by kabuki View Post
    didn't stick around to find out as the last thing i need is a bunch more trophies.
    I love that

    Nice work bro, live and learn.
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