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  1. dead lifting

    I had a question about dead lifting. When my legs are not tired I dead lift from the ground and when my legs are tired I put it on the rack and just use my back does it make a difference?

  2. One is a deadlift, the other is called a rack pull. Rack pulls don't work your legs nearly as much, but still work your back. You should be able to pull a lot more weight doing rack pulls.

    I love rack pulls. Set a pr last week of 485

  3. The rack helps a lot with me focusing on my back. I try to do both mix it out threw out the months. Any other feed back would be great.

  4. I like Rack Pulls for being able to use heavier weight to train yourself to bring your hips through which really helps with Deads and Squats.

  5. Rack pulls are usually used for the lockout. Great for lower back and traps, if you shrug with it.

  6. you will probably bump your DL poundages by alternating DL with rack pulls.Regular deads should only be trained every other week or less. I will normally do a cycle of progressive pulls once a week for about 4 weeks and then alternate DL with powercleans and trap bar deads every other 3 rep max has gone up dramatically on this routine. try to vary your shrug movements also. you can also do deads with a snatch grip or on a 4" wood block to get more range. try to switch things up every feww weeks and you will continue to improve. good luck.

  7. sometimes my legs are just too thrashed to do deads or squats as im in construction and do alot of stairs and ladders and walking. on these days i will do good mornings shrugs trap bar high pulls(awsome for upperback) and some core work. get one of those ab wheels and work up to doing them from a standing position(this take real core strength).

  8. Rack pulls are used for two reasons:

    For PLers they are used for lockout strength

    For BBers they are often used in place of DLs as its a more isolated movement and has less risk of injury.

    Both are good and I rotate them in my programs. I do feel deadlifting from the floor is by far the better movement and it always keep me sore for a couple days. Full ROM is where its at for any movement.


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