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  2. Were 30 days out here guys and gals. Get those entries in. Its going to be a fun event, with a good crowd, and for a great cause.


  3. Spent this morning calling places and putting up posters and have appointments with all the local radio station morning shows tomorrow. I hit up one of the TV stations today, and hopefully will get some free press.

    Got the T-shirts today earlier then expected. I just got the final art work to them monday and got them today, a day and a half!! They look pretty sweet.

    Me and two other guys are going saturday to pick out the wreckers to pull. I have my eye on a 10,000 lb wrecker that is an old 1940's dodge its the one the sponsor uses for parades and such pretty sweet looking old rig. Ill let you all know once we find out for sure. May do a few different trucks if needed.

    Next week I have a walk through on the venue to get it set up how I want it, bleachers etc..

    Also if anyone is interested I just found out at the same venue there is also the Topeka Boat and Outdoor show at one of the other buildings on Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th. That will also hopefully lead to even more people coming to watch this. They have the strongman comp posted in their flier of events they put out as well.

    Brought a few posters to the office of Camp Hope and they were elated. Its all coming together.


  4. Heres the list so far

    Light weight
    Sam Cox
    Justin Cantwell
    Nathan Hildebrand
    Jason Aguilar

    middle weight
    Jason Bangs
    Jason Oyler
    William Duncan
    Joseph Olszewski
    Eric Smith

    Heavy weight
    Mark Brownson

    Lance Foster
    Tim Nassen

  5. looks like everything's shaping up pretty well. I wish I lived closer so that I could compete... the regular season is so far away

  6. Got some great publicity in the newpaper for the event, sponsors, as well as myself:

    they will also be covering the event during it.


  7. Quote Originally Posted by beast69 View Post
    looks like everything's shaping up pretty well. I wish I lived closer so that I could compete... the regular season is so far away
    THanks its looking great venue an spectator wise. Looks like were going to have a huge turn out the the venue is HUGE!!! Set up grand stand seating all the way around the competition area for over 1200 and plenty of standing room. The local media has really been tearing it up and quite the buzz going on

    We need some more competitors.
    The Hotel is going the extend their deal through Monday It a heck of a steal on a great room

  8. After some thought and talks Ive decided to go ahead and make the DL an event where you can use straps. Hopefully it will draw some more people to compete and there's talk of maybe some record attempts.


  9. A huge Thank You to everyone who took part in the event or pitched in to make this event a HUGE success.

    Thanks to the sponsors without whom this would have never been possible in the first place. USP Labs as the primary sponsor. Harold’s Tire, Brass Rail Tavern, Marketing Promotions, and Brown’s Super Service as event sponsors. Capital Plaza Hotel as the accommodations sponsor. All the others sponsors. Big and small. Every single donation helped a ton.

    Thank you to the whole of the KCStrongman Crew for all they did to support the event. Eric Todd and Scott Tully for being the head Judges and tallying score. Ben Moore for MCing the event. DJ Satterfield for helping with equipment, the sandbags, and harnesses. Becky Thompson for representing Camp Hope and presenting the awards. Heather Boos for the National Anthem. Aaron Borg for helping me build the varied equipment and supplying much of the steel. All the family and friends who gave time and energy. NAS inc. in general, Willie for bringing equipment and for giving proceeds from NAS Inc. T-shirt sales to the Charity.

    Congratulations to each and every competitor who signed up, stepped up, gave there all and put on a hell of a show. It was a close race all day in all the classes. There were tons of personal records broken and 2 NAS Inc. records were broken in the deadlift. First Max Pippa who broke and went on to SMASH the heavy weight teen record at deadlift. Finishing with a 630 pull and more in the tank. Sam Cox broke the 200 and under Deadlift with a strong pull and Tim Nassen show no signs of his age

    There were a good group of seasoned athletes in attendance as well as 5-6 first timers who put forth a heck of an effort. In the end congratulations to the fellows who came out on top
    1st place — Tim Nassen, St. Joseph, Mo.
    2nd place — Lance Foster, Platte City, Mo.
    3rd place — Bobby Bounds, Wetmore

    200-pound class:
    1st place — Matt Tyler, Wichita
    2nd place — Justin Cantwell, Kansas City, Kan.
    3rd place — Nathan Hildebrand, Topeka

    1st place — Max Pippa, St. Louis
    2nd place — William Duncan, Topeka
    3rd place — Jason Oyler, Topeka

    1st place — Jake Cox, Lawrence
    2nd place — Zach Best, Omaha, Neb.
    3rd place — Mark Brownson, Johnson County

    As is always the case when competing we all take the risk of injury. There is always scrapes and bruises and no one ever wants to see a major injury. We unfortunately had one such case in the Wheel barrow event. Jason Bangs suffered a knee injury, I want to thank Jason for the strong effort he put forth and wish him a strong and speedy recovery.

    When it was said and done there were over 250 in attendance. The TV and local paper covered the event. We received a TON of promotion and awareness for strength sports, strongman, as well as the charity “CAMP HOPE” from the day and days preceding the event.

    After a final tally we raised a grand total of $2161.00 for the American Cancer Societies Camp Hope that I will present to them in my Mothers name as a Memorial. THANK YOU everyone!!!

    The following is any of the articles, write ups, etc that are of the event. And I will edited a few more as they come in .

    Pics of the event

    Article on the event
    CJOnline / The Topeka Capital-Journal - Muscle power turns into money for cancer camp

    Promotional Skit
    CJOnline Blogs - The strongest man... in the world?

    Promotional Article
    CJOnline - Topeka native gives hope a big lift

    Various You Tube Videos of the event

    There was also a Live TV spot on the local CBS affiliate, 250+ posters and other materials.

    Other mentionables, Mishaps etc.

    When you hear a big BOOM an hour prior to the contest coming from over near the wrecker your set to pull in the event. Check the tires. A flat tire makes a 12,000 lb wrecker virtually impossible to pull (sorry guys LOL) Great effort though. Congrats to Matt Tyre LW competitor to pulling the truck the furthest.

    Its good to remember to find someone to sing the national anthem the day prior to the event, BUT, remember to get a friggin flag. It was just silly seeing 200+ people all turning there heads to find flag with none to be found. Opps

    Big John Conner actually has a gravitational Pull. The chili dogs and chicken seemed to move under their own power into his mouth

    I’m sure I am forgetting something and someone I assure you I am not meaning to and I thank each and everyone who was a part of this in any way.
    Just a great time guys I hope you all enjoyed it. It was well worth all the effort in the end. You all put on a hell of a show


  10. wow, sounds like everything ran pretty smoothly! Sounds like a great competition. Do you plan on holding this again next year?

  11. Thanks. Al the planing really paid off. The event was a bis success.

    Id love to next year and really think it would be even larger now that one has been done. It made a great impression on everyone involved and who came out to watch.

    We will see, have to give me a few weeks to recoup from this one

    another news story
    CJOnline / The Topeka Capital-Journal - Powerful teens break records


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